XY Findables is a tech startup with a mission to make everything in the world findable. Technology is getting smaller, and it's our job to help people find the things they want.

Our website and mobile apps allow XY users to find things all over the world. Even after millions in revenue, we are excited to continue growing and become a monster tech company in the future.


Our Story

XY Findables is a technology startup in downtown San Diego, California. We released our first product, the XY Find It, three years ago on Kickstarter, and it was a HUGE success! We raised over $200,000 and were one of the most popular for the year. The first year of manufacturing, we did $1.5 milion dollars in revenue, and we kept selling out all over the place. The next year, we earned more than double, at $3.6 million! Now, we have business deals with Amazon, Target, Walmart, Fry’s, and more!

Now we're on our fourth generation XY4+, and we just expanded our product line to include the XY GPS, a tracking device that can find the things you love around the world. We want to keep expanding and developing our product line, in order to move towards our ultimate vision that we've been working towards since 2012: Decentralizing the world's location data. We'll be making this a reality soon with the launch of the XYO Network.


We’re in our growth phase and it’s time for us to find investors. Here’s where you come in! Normally, startups go to accredited investors like Mark Cuban or Bill Gates. It wasn’t fair, because the everyday person wasn’t able to get in and invest! However, startups who are qualified by the government can sell stock to the everyday investor. We’ve been qualified by the SEC, the government agency that regulates all publicly traded companies, and we are now able to sell mini-IPO shares to everyone.

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Our company has been growing in San Diego since 2012, and from the very first day, our goal has been to make the world findable. Check out our progression below, from founding to xy1 to our future goal of IPO. Our journey has been incredible so far, and we'd love to have you join us as we move towards a mutually profitable and rewarding finish line.