SEC Filing and Documentation

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is the government agency that regulates the stock market and protects investors to keep their money safe. They also qualify US companies to go public and sell their stock.

XY Findables was granted Regulation A+ qualification by the SEC, opening the door for public mini-IPO investments. Up until this point, typically only accredited investors invested in these types of deals, but now you can too.

XY - the Findables Company SEC Filings

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Filings Title Date

Form 1-K ANNUAL REPORT 2017-04-27 View

Form 1-A/A Offering Statement [Regulation A] [Amend] 2017-09-28 View

Form 1-SA Semi-annual Report 2017-09-21 View

QUALIF Notice of Qualification [Regulation A] 2016-09-29 View


SEC qualification is a huge game-changer. Our business and financials were reviewed by a 3rd party auditor, and we've been qualified by the SEC. It's now anyone's opportunity to invest in a startup at this stage.

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