"Our goal is to be the leader in the Findables space by defining it, producing the best quality products, and providing the best user and owner experiences." -Arie Trouw, CEO

Our company uses different technologies and form-factors to achieve our goal. Already on our 3rd generation Bluetooth product and 1st generation GPS-hybrid unit, we strive to build a complete Findables ecosystem, create product unity and define a market with overwhelming potential.

Findables Market

Emerging Markets

Wearables - Technology you wear
Nearables - “Smart” technology that reacts to the environment
Findables - Technology that lets you monitor the whereabouts of things that matter to you.

In 2015, the Wearables market was worth over $15 billion, whereas the Nearables market stood just above the $200 million mark. By 2019, CCS Insight estimates that the Wearables market will explode, growing to over $25 billion, while the Nearables market is expected to surpass $4 billion over the same period.

The Findables Market is emerging, and we plan to dominate it. As the world becomes closer to technology, everything we love and care about becomes smaller. We now have the world’s smallest computers in our back pockets, slim wallets are on the rise, and who knows? Laptops might soon be lighter than a feather! It’s important to stay ahead of the game. XY Findables has multiple products in the works, and our vision will soon come to be a reality. Being able to find a locate things is not only important now, but will be even more important in the future.


Many of our competitors focus on only one technology or product in the Findables market. We don’t want to just find your keys-- we want to help you find your wallet, your dog, your kids, your car, your sanity, and anything else you might have forgotten.

Bluetooth was the premier technology for nearby tracking, but we wanted something better, so we created a Bluetooth-GPS-Cellular hybrid that allows users to find anything they want, ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD. Not only that, but while competitors were still trying to figure out replaceable batteries, we were first to market with our rechargeable, globally tracking XY GPS.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also pursue commercial uses for our products. It’s not just your nextdoor neighbor who needs to find her keys, it’s large scale shipping companies, construction companies, and every other corporation that needs to find things quickly. The applications are endless and we want to be the first to pursue every one.

The Findables Ecosystem: XY3, XYGPS, XY Near